Labor Department: New Minimum Wage Rate to Be Obeyed

Compliance of the new minimum wage of K3.20 is a must. Deputy Secretary for Labor Mary Morola says employers who want an exemption must do it within the 3 month grace period.

The new wage rate is long overdue and the labor department will be out in full to ensure it is enforced and complied.

The Labor department has reiterated its call for employers to pay what is due to their workers.

Shot of striking fletcher Morobe workers

This comes after several workers of builder fletcher Morobe walked off their jobs demanding to be paid the national minimum wage.

Deputy Secretary for Labor Mary Morola says labor officers in all provinces throughout the country must ensure employers comply.

She said, K3.20 is the new wage rate and those employers seeking exemption must do it within the 3 month grace period.

Minister for Labor Benjamin Poponawa also supported the call for compliance.

Poponawa said there is no excuse for employers to delay paying the new minimum wage.

Workers who have been denied their right to be paid must see the Labor department to pursue their grievances.

Mr. Poponawa called on his departmental staff to perform.

He says there are a lot of accusations about Labor department not performing its job.

He wants to see this change during his term and welcome assistance from all stakeholders to address pressing issues facing the labor force in the country.

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