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October 22, 2021

Kwikila Secondary improvises on government subsidy

The students’of a Central Province school are helping to build new infrastructures for their school.

Kwikila Secondary School, one ofthe oldest schools inthe province, has grossly deteriorated over decades of neglect by consecutive school administrations.

Bet as this report by Delly Begu shows a determined principal has taken a bold stand and a new approach to givethe school much needed facilities. The students’are also helping out.


Kwikila Secondary School has seen better days when it wasthe pride ofthe Rigo and Abau people educatingtheir sons and daughters, who becamethe privileged elit’s. Now thatowas years ago. Todaythe school is in a sad & desperate state. The grounds are kept tidy, butthe lack of maintenance and predominant decay cannot be hidden. The rusty roofs, wethered ceilings, walls and stairs…all scream for attention. Bet each year,the school opens its doors for hundreds of children to get an education.

Poni Kila has beenthe School principal since 2011 and he’s come up with a new approach to addressthe issue. Withthe free education, Mr. Kila usedthe money paid bythe government to purchase a Lucas mill and chainsaw, to saw timbers to build a new classroom and staff house. The trees are fromthe headmasters land, and are cut without any payment.

On selected days, students’help out at Iobunato village in inland Rigo wherethe trees are cut and milled.

Kwikila Secondary School is also looking at building a double story classroom and ther two teachers’ houses with this new approach.

Meanwhile,the Deputy District Administrator for Rigo Tit’s Romano-Hatagen commendedthe Kwikila Secondary School principal for his vision and initiative.

Mr. Hatagen has called on parents and stakeholders to join inthe efforts to bringthe school much needed renovations and restore its reputation asthe respected higher learning school inthe district.

Delly Begu, National EMTV News


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