Kramer told to keep Police Matter out of Parliament

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Parliament kicked off to a rather heated debated this morning (22 November), after Madang MP Bryan Kramer wanted clarification from the Police Minister on a case against former MP, Nixon Duban.

“I have a report here on the investigation,” MP Kramer said.

However he was interrupted when Petroleum Minister, Fabian Pok, and Works Minister, Michael Nali, made points of order to stop the Madang MP to further his questions.

“Mr Speaker, my point of order is that this question is out of order,” said Works Minister Michael Nali.

The Madang MPs arguments were in relation to a fraud case against former MP Duban, which he raised yesterday in Parliament. Mr Kramer said the case was before police but no immediate actions have been carried out.

The Parliament Speaker than told Mr Kramer to see in person the Police Minister and Commissioner to further discuss the matter, as the floor of Parliament was not the appropriate place to discuss matters that were before the police.

Stanley Ove Jnr.

graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts/Journalism at Divine Word University, before working as a Journalist and Editor with the news and current affairs department at EMTV. His interest lies in reporting stories of human interest.

Stanley Ove Jnr.

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