January 23, 2022
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KPHL No-Show in Public Hearing

An empty state function room marked the start of the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited, Public Accounts hearing.

The committee entering the room, only to announce that the hearing would be moved.

The Public hearing on KPHL by the Parliament Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was supposed to questioning KPHL Managing Director, Wapu Sonk, and the board, of its usage of Public funds, however the interested parties failed to attend today and had 2 letters delivered through their Lawyers, yesterday afternoon (20th of Oct) requesting for a 14 day extension and advising that the KPHL Board and Managing Director Wapu Sonk being unable to attend the hearing and requesting for it to be moved to a suitable date for the hearing, for the 4th of November.

While contents of letter were not disclosed by PAC, The reason for the no show had to do key individuals named in the summons to KPHL being out of the country.

Public Accounts Committee Chairman, Sir John Pundari

Public Accounts Committee Chairman, Sir John Pundari, said that it was a first in his experience to have a public servant state that they are unable to attend a hearing.

He went on to remind the public that the Publics Accounts committee is an extension of the Parliament and it function and powers.

The chairman said the reason for the hearing was to allow the public to know the status of public funds belonging to the people and was unlike inquiry held by the courts.

This is not the first time Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited and the Public accounts committee have been in conflict.

KPHL in the initial stages of the committee inquiry refusing to cooperate with the committee and then later on refusing to furnish Bank Transactions.

Meanwhile, the Acting Auditor General who was present at the hearing, said he was pleased that the committee was in function to look into several of Reports they submit to parliament.

The hearing was closed and moved to November 5th, a day ahead of the requested date by KPHL.

Adelaide Sirox Kari, EMTV News, Port Moresby

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