Kewanu Supports Zurenoc’s Removal of Artefacts

Vice Minister for Works and Implementation and Member for Mendi, De Kewanu, has thrown his support behind Speaker of ParliamentoTheo Zurenuoc in removing images and carvings atthe Parliament House.

Mr Kewanu saysthe erecting ofthe unity pole with different languages and placement ofthe bible inthe house is a significant mover for the country andthe people.


The much debated parliament standoff between Speaker, Theo Zurenuoc, members of parliamentocivil society andthe general public is still fueling.


However, Mr. Kewanu embracedthe mover bythe 9’s up>th parliament speaker saying, spiritualism throughthe word of God had unitedthe diverse cultures oPNG.


Mr Kewanu says,the renovation and upgrading ofthe parliament house is timely for all lLeadersto reflect ontheir inner-being as mandated lLeaders


Meanwhile, Mr Kewanu saysthe decision for this change should be embraced by all citizens oPNG as we claim to be a Christian country.

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