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Kainantu District Credit Scheme Launched

The small township of Kainantu in the Eastern Highlands province has been battling a law and order problem for many years.  

But the town, once known for its bad deeds, is slowly beginning to change.

Kainantu MP, Johnson Tuke, has realized that to change Kainantu District, he has to teach his people to be self-reliant.

Kainantu district is one of eight districts of the Eastern Highlands Province.  Dubbed a cowboy town, the district has seen an increase in its number of law and order issues over the last ten years.

Marijuana cultivation, alcohol and age-old tribal conflicts have battered the image of this small town.

Over the years, efforts put into minimizing these problems, were not very effective.

Since taking office two years ago, Mr. Tuke has been facing a huge challenge.

He has been taking counter measures to change what used to be the cowboy town, and his attempts are finally paying off.

Yesterday, he launched the Kainantu District credit scheme to allow rural farmers to borrow money from the bank to start small businesses.

He also launched the district’s machinery. Four heavy machines were purchased for the district to build more roads, and fix existing ones, so that the people will have access to the town market with their produce. 

Over the years, people have been flocking into Kainantu town in search of rewards and opportunities. Many never get what they went looking for.

Mr. Tuke’s move aims at challenging this negative conception.He says he wants to provide social and economic avenues for the people to be self-reliant, in order to change the face of this once notorious township.

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