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By Rocky Issou

The National Government has presented a total of K15million to the Simbu Provincial Government after formally launching several priority projects in the province.

Prime Minister James Marape made the presentation when he launched the Yuai Market and Gembolg Hydro Power Project in the Kundiawa-Gembolg District on MONDAY (06/02/23).

He presented a K10million cheque to the Simbu Governor Noah Kool at the Dicksons Oval in Kundiawa and K5million to the Kerowagi District at Kerowagi station.

Prime Minister Marape said the K5million is for funding towards the rehabilitation and sealing of the Koronigel-Kerowagi Road, which links the district to the Highlands Highway.

The road will be constructed by Simbu based local contractor Kaia Works who is already doing the clearing mobilizing work on upgrading work along that road.

Prime Minister Marape said Kai Works is a good contractor who ensures work is completed and done to the value of the funding and or money allocated unlike other contractors who do half the work most of the time.

He also appealed to the people of Kerowagi to go into agriculture and help do their part in the development of their district and the country and not to wait for handouts from the leaders and national government.

Prime Minister Marape also urged local leaders including ward councilors to support the National Governments National Housing and population census and address issues at their community level

“We all have work to do and I appeal to you all councilors to do your part by addressing the issue of law and order in our country.

“The biggest challenge we have now is the escalating law and order issues caused by our youth and others in the village who take drugs and home brew and laze around in towns and cities.

“That is where you the councilors need to address the issue of drug abuse and marijuana and solve any conflicts in your areas.

“Do not go and roam around in places like Kundiawa, Mt Hagen and or Goroka leaving your villages and communities along without role model and leadership’’, said Prime Minister Marape.

You have to work with the churches and leaders and stop lawless in “your homes,’’ said PM Marape.

He said that the village lifestyle and community level leadership and the structure of people of Simbu is already good and “I encourage you to help look after your people.

He told the people of Kerowagi District that the Pangu Government is rural focused to compliment such districts and communities who want change for the better.

“That is the focus for our next 5 years because the majority of our people are in our rural areas and not in urban centers.

“We are focused on you the people and today I have come to show and give support to your local member Francis Kinkin Siune to show that the National Government and the Marape-Rosso government is committed to the people of this country.

Prime Minister Marape told thousands of people wo gathered at the Kerowagi station to witness the cutting of the ribbon to commission the opening and use of the New District Headquarters that the National Government is and will increase the allocation of funding to the districts.

“In the next 5 years each district is likely to get up to K100million and that for your Simbu Province alone is more than likely to get K700million to fund many impact projects.

“The road that your member has already started we will support with K5million for the Koronigel-to Kerowagi’’.

Prime Minister Marape said in 2019 when he took office the economy was on economic intensive care unit-ICU.

He told thousands who gathered at Kerowagi station that there was no money in the government system and we wanted to fix it in 2020 and 2021 but the COVID-19 pandemic affected us all including other economics globally.

Prime Minister Marape has also urged the public servants in the District to take care and look after government facilities and utilities like vehicles, machinery and others like offices purchased and built for the district.

He said this wen acknowledging the efforts put in the by the member for Kerowagi and his District Administration to purchase vehicles for his district to use.

“If a vehicle is allocated to the district education inspector, it’s for you to visit the schools to see if teachers are teaching our children and the schools are open.

“Similarly, if a vehicle is purchased for use by the health advisors than that is for transporting health care workers, medicines and medical equipment to the district and provincial hospitals, clinics and aid-posts and not to be misused ad abused.

“I appeal to you the people of Kerowagi that if a public servant misuses those vehicles and or the office for other means like drinking beer and for personal use please report them to the District Manager, police and local member and have them disciplined,’’ he said.

Prime Minister Marape thanked the Kerowagi MP, Francis Kinkin Siune for utilizing what little funding the national Government allocated to completed and refurbish he district headquarters in a space of just 6 months as a first term MP.

The National (Marape-Rosso) Government is on a mission ‘rural focused and supporting and encouraging local MPs to have or come up with proper and clear district plans which are achievable over the next 5-years.

The national Government said to fund and resource national roads and institutions whilst the provinces take charge of e provinces and leave the districts programs for the Open MPs.

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