Juha LO’s Want Current LO list Varified

While the Department of Petroleum and Energy has completed identifying landowners of Juha PDL 9, landowners from block 16-39 are not satisfied.

They are taking legal action to challenge officers within the department to verify the names of those on the clan vetting list.


A group from the Hela side of PDL9 area claim that clan vetting officers have been engaging in corrupt deals by including ghost names on the list.


The Sipihemo and Hiwaharika tribes of Hela are the landowners who make up part of the 6 blocks of Juha PDL9 area.


The government, through the new petroleum and energy minister Nixon Duban, recently made available 10 million kina for the department to complete the outstanding clan vetting.


Representatives from these 2 tribes today thanked Minster Duban for responding to their pleas.


Clan vetting for Juha PDL9 was completed on the 24th and 25th of last month however, this group from block 16-39 say they are not satisfied and will be taking it to court.


While they are satisfied with the efforts of the government and the developer, they want officers engaged in the clan vetting exercise to explain how the list of landowners was drawn.


They claim that on the list the department has, there are self-claimed landowners.


Before the second phase of the exercise which is the benefit sharing forum The Juha PDL9 block 16-39 landowners want the current landowner list be verified by the department of petroleum and energy.

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