Juffa Says, Taxation Policy Will Be Reviewed


The People’s Movement for Change Party presented their policies today at the National Research Institute’s Political Policy Forum.

The parliamentary leader and Oro Governor, Gary Juffa, did so in a practical manner.

It comes when there is pressure on political parties to present realistic policies.

“Especially, the concessional loans, we need to see what we are giving away, what are the benefits we are getting, cost analysis needs to happen,” says Governor Juffa.

Throughout, his presentation, Garry Juffa spoke of issues affecting the country.

But he didn’t say the party would fix all these problems in one instant.

Instead, Governor Juffa said taxation policies need to be reviewed and internal revenue would be strategically budgeted into key areas.

“We have to take a very comprehensive look at the taxation system, we have to look at the fact that there entities that simply have not paid their tax, that we need to take to task,” says Juffa.

Whether the public agrees with the Oro Governor, remains to be seen after the voting happens in July.

Today, good governance, law & order, national security, education, the underdeveloped non-extractive industry, and the Bougainville/West Papua issues were high on the Agenda.

The party’s main objective is to economically empower the people through their land by revamping the public sector service delivery mechanism.


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