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Intending Candidates Band Together to Unseat Sitting Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko

Campaigning has started in Papua New Guinea’s Port Moresby South, and intending candidates are banding together to unseat current Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko.

Some of them spoke today after drawing their box numbers for campaigning.

Daughter of Former Prime Minister, Sir William Skate, is at box 16 and has started her campaigning.

“We are all going to work together and I pray that the best man or woman wins,” says Anna Skate.

Skate isn’t running with PNC, the party her father founded. Instead, she has aligned herself with Ben Micah’s PPP People’s Progress Party.

The Moresby South Returning Officer, Rex Buka, says 15 candidates have been nominated out of the 17 that expressed interest.

It’s not known how many of the candidates have banded together to oust the sitting MP, Justin Tkatchenko, but EMTV News spoke to four of them.

They all speak the same language “time to remove Justin from parliament”.

When Justin Tkatchenko nominated last week, the sheer size of the crowd was astonishing.

The crowd would have been intimidating to any intending candidate wanting to challenge him.

But, that crowd was almost matched by Anna Skate who has nominated yesterday, and is ready to contest the Moresby South seat.

Anna Skate could change how this election will go, riding on her father’s legacy, and with the backing from Ben Micah’s PPP.

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