Inspiring young woman donates at Port Moresby General Hospital

By Hera Hoi – EM TV Online

A Brisbane-based vibrant and caring young woman has taken the initiative to create her own charity drive and donate to the needy back in her home Papua New Guinea.

Renee King, the only girl in a family of 3, comes from a mixed parentage of Central Province, Papua New Guinea and Australia. She visits her home Papua New Guinea for holidays or for special family gatherings.

As a director of the Leniata Legacy (TLL), Miss King said she wanted to keep her own project separate from the charity work that they already do.

So for her 21st birthday that was celebrated in late November last year, Miss King gathered with close family and friends for a lovely house party in her home in Brisbane.

Unlike any other birthday party celebrants, Miss King requested all her attendees to contribute to her charity drive by bringing store-brought underwear for her to bring back home to Papua New Guinea and donate to the general hospitals at Arawa and Port Moresby.

“These gifts will be distributed to Arawa Hospital in Bougainville with my gracious step-mum, and making a stop at POM General Hospital on my way through Moresby”, she posted up on her personal Facebook account.

While clothing was the overall outlook, she had chosen underwear in particular for two main reasons.

“I was thinking of clothing at first, and then I thought of personal items like undies and knew that People (especially women) in PNG need them and also underwear is not accessible to the poor in PNG,” she said in an interview.

She split the donations and half of them were given out last Sunday with the assistance from her Tubusereia family at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Miss King and her family were at first rejected by a security guard at the entrance for Ward 7, 8. The ICU explained that hospital processes for making appointments had changed; even if it was charity work-related, they were asked to return at lunch time.

The determined group decided to find another inlet, this time choosing to go to the children’s wards and surgical wards. 

They found a more welcoming security guard who was more than happy to let them in, along with more grateful nurses who helped her to donate her underwear gifts complemented with store-bought drinks and biscuits.

The children’s ward was especially a highlight, Miss Renee recounts; their frowns were turned upside down and thank you’s flew from all the children and their guardians.

While some children were patient and sat eagerly waiting for their turn to receive their gifts, other children were curious enough to come take a closer look of what was being handed out.

She successfully handed out all donations in the wards, and while there was not enough for every single patient in every ward, Miss Renee and her family’s presence certainly did change the atmosphere of each ward leaving it in a happier and cheerier mood.

“Literally the most nerve-wracking, teary-eyed, best thing I’ve ever done! Making it permanent, but next time bringing much much MORE,” she said to those who helped contribute to her charity drive.


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