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This is an Exclusive report from Insight featuring Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. Throughout this report we cover current issues including the recent Government reshuffling, the provocative K3 Billion Kina UBS Loan for Oilsearch shares; PNG Power Issues and the ICAC legislation. But first, Mr O’Neill discusses PNG & Australian relations, with the recent visit by his regional counterpart Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abott

Farmers will simply use their mobile phones to connect to the internet and social networking sites to read information and watch instructions on farming methods.


Today, over twenty-five participants gathered at the National Research Institute, Waigani Campus, to undergo a week-long workshop on internet, and social media for development.


The training is called Web2.0 and Social Media for Development.


It is aimed at improving networking and management of agricultural information among development partners.


The workshop is organised by National Agriculture Research Institute, European Union Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, National Research Institute and Department of Agriculture and Livestock.


UN Ambassador Head of delegation to PNG, Martin Dihm, said this initiative to put agricultural information and expert knowledge on the web, and social networking sites for farmers to access, was proven to be successful in many African Nations.


National Agriculture Research Institute Director General, Dr Sergie Bang, said this will open up the flow of information to farmers in rural areas to improve their farming methods.


Mr Bang said this will also help farmer to learn of proper planting and harvesting time, and where to market their produce.


Department of Agriculture and Livestock Caretaker Secretary, Potaisa Hombunaka, said 80% of our people depend on agriculture, and his department will focus on the sustainability, and relevance of this program.


Mr Hombunaka said this initiative to put agricultural information online will have a direct impact on the farmers as they can simply use their mobile phones to access quality information.


Similar programmes will be carried out to other three regions in the country, and by early next year it will be fully implemented.

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Thomas Huliambari

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