Informal Sector Boosted by Social Media

O, Facebook more and more buy-and-sell groups are being created and grow in numbers every day, revealingthe fact thatthe economy is getting better for the average Papua New Guinea. Groups onthe social media network called Local MarkePNG, Local Market (Consumer Electronics) anPNG Kona Market are some representations of just how bigthe informal economy has become.

From cars, and mobile phones to children’s play toys and fashion accessories, this virtual supermarket has given everyday individualsthe chance to make some money, and even gain some smart marketing skills.

And it’s pretty simple. If you have something you want to sell, or a talent you can use in return for cash, you can become a self-made millionaire atthe click of a few buttons.

Firstly, come up with a fun and attractive name describing your business in mind, create your profile and join one ofthese groups!

For a buyer, it’s bargain heaven. A perfume bottle like this Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds bottle usually retails for K300.00 to K400.00. Bet you can get it on one ofthese groups for just K100.00.

Laptops with a few fixable defaults can go for just K500.00 andthere are even hire cars that go for just K150.00 per day.

Using your email address is anther marketing strategy. Free advertising o, Facebook, and sending catalogues out to potential buyers is a key tactic used by accessory extraordinaire Nicole, who is a little camera-shy. She’sthe girl behindthe NIKNAX catalogues you find in your email every now andthen. She’s a stay at home mum who learned that responding efficiently to all clients plays a large role in a small home business like hers.

While allthese may be mostly informal, it’s a way for an individual to gain some perspective onthe government’s initiative of takingthPNG SME’sector, to a anther level.

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