EQUITV School Program Successful In Central Province

The EQUITV school program aired on EMTV during weekdays has proven successful in the Central Province.


Since its inception in 2010 at the Gaire Primary School, the province’s pilot project, academic performance has increased from 28 % in 2010 to 54 % in 2013.

With this new found evidence, the provincial government has purchased more EQUITV equipment for 44 more schools.


They were presented to respective head teachers just this afternoon.


The outgoing Provincial Advisor Romano Hatagen, said the EQUITV program is very effective for students in remote schools in the province.


Mr. Hatagen said academic performances of students in the Central Province is a great worry, however, following the inception of the EQUITV program in year 2010, rates have improved.


The program is aired during the weekdays.

The students will now have access to additional science, social science and mathematics lessons through EQUITV.


Many schools in the Central Province do not have access to electricity supply and other basic services.


Head teachers were urged to purchase solar panels to generate electricity for the TV sets.


JICA and the National Media Centre will be providing DVDs and other teaching materials; individual schools will have to purchase their own gensets or solar panels whilst the Central Provincial Government will step in to assist with the purchase of the EQUITV equipment’s such as the 39 inch TV screens.


The Provincial Education Board aims to have the EQUITV install in all schools in the province by year 2015.

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