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April 15, 2021
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Income Generation and Food Security through Aqua Culture

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A fish farmer and Aqua culturist in Morobe, Douglas Kawa, says there’s a huge need for fish farmers training in order to improve fish farming and strengthen food security in the country.

Aquaculture has been part of PNG’s livestock industry since the 1950s. However, there’s currently a lack of manpower, specialists, and funding according to Kawa.

Douglas Kawa, an aquaculturist by profession told EM TV News that the three thousand brooders can produce around 80 to 100 thousand fingerlings a month.

Kawa said they sell each fish, or fingerlings for 30 toea each and they make thirty thousand kina in a month.

He currently has 10 fishponds on a one-hectare of land, which he leased from the Department of Agriculture and livestock at Erap in the Huon Gulf District.

PNG farmers are beginning to specialize in specific parts of the aquaculture through a Public-Private Partnership.

Douglas Kawa continues his support to rural farmers with fish projects throughout the country. One of the farmers is Betty Higgins who runs a lodge and trout farm at Mt. Wilhelm in Simbu.

“I am hoping to start a fish farming training to help the small ordinary farmers here in Simbu and the Highlands Region.”

“Farmers, who are interested in starting up fish farming, but do not enough funds available, to begin with.”

Kawa said the NFA allocated funds to assist the farmers, but simple farmers who are already in the fish business find it very hard to access the funds at the banks.

By Julie Badui- Owa – EMTV News – Lae

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