Important Issues: Church Leaders Discuss at Parliament

Could PNG be the ideal nation for God to use to bring total redemption to the human race?

Pastors, church leaders and laymen from different church denominations united for the first time, in parliament today, to address issues of national concerns.


They believe churches have been quiet for too long and say this gathering is only the start of something prophetic.


Issues discussed included same sex marriage, legalizing prostitution, corruption in high places, impacts of night clubs and introduction of religions like Islam.  


Pastors raised concerns giving references to the bible. The main concern was same sex marriage.  Church elder, Steven Thomas, stressed that Hebrew and PNG cultures have similar characteristics. One that stands out is, men do not marry men. He then challenged the pastors on what approach they will take when faced with the issue.


Night clubs was another concern. One church leader said, he was surprised to learn that one night club in Port Moresby employs young women whose job is to lure men to spend all their money in that night club.


The challenge is now on the churches to preach facts from their pulpits. Ps. Walters said a committee is already in place but they will not disclose information on the strategies they will use just yet.


The second gathering will be held on Saturday at the Sioni Kami Memorial church.

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