Illegal Wine Brewers Apprehended

ThPNG Customs Service officers have revealed how illegal wine makers are making thousands of kina through unregulated productions.

Two illegal brewers were apprehended last month by Police and Customs officers in Arikayufa village, inthe Unggai-Bena District of Eastern Highlands Province.

Their brewing equipment have been impounded, along with over 12 thousand litres of home-made wine worth over one-hundred thousand kina.


The suspects have admitted to illegal production and sale, sayingthe wine was intended for the Goroka Show.


Customs Commissioner Ray Paul said samples ofthe wine were sent to UNITECH laboratories for testing. Results showedthere were 90 per cent alcohol contentoas well as high count of bacteria.


Commissioner Paul saidthe two men have been operating for the past two years. They’ve soldtheir produce to Asian shops in Goroka, and traded in illegal black markets.


However,there is no evidence to chargethe shop owners.


A court decision will be handed down tothe perpetrators on October 28th.

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