ICCC Announces September Fuel prices

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The Independent Consumer and Competition Commission has announced new retail fuel prices for this month. As of September the 8th, motorists will have been given a slight reprieve, with prices for petrol, diesel and kerosene, seeing slight decreases.
In Port Moresby, Petrol prices has seen a significant decrease of 10.67 toea per litre – to K3.44 per litre, Diesel also sees a slight decreases of 8.73 toea per litre – to K3.20 per litre; and Kerosene has decreased by 8.95 toea per litre – to K2.92 per litre.
For outside centres, prices has decreased as follows;
• Petrol prices by 10.67 toea per litre; Diesel prices decrease by 8.73 toea per litre; and Kerosene prices will have decreased by 8.95 toea per litre.
According to the ICCC, these increases are mainly attributed to the decrease in the international crude oil prices.

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