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Human Barbie Lukyanova: Inter-racial couples give unattractive people

Yes she is real, she is alive and a little creepy. Ukrainian Model Valerie Lukyanova aka Human Barbie Doll has an interesting view on bi-racial couples and the offspring’s they give, her latest interview with GQ magazine has revealed.

The 2007 “Miss Diamond Crown of the World” Winner spoke on her views on beauty and get this; she blames degeneration for the plastic fix ups and natural beauty not coming so easy.

 “Everyone wants a slim figure, Everyone gets breasts done. Everyone fixes up their face if it's not ideal, you know? Everyone strives for the golden mean. It's global now, the 27 year old model said.

The Blue-eyed model claims she only had breast implants and everything else is natural, offcourse from the fact that she puts heavy make-up, contact lenses, and you get the picture.

She goes on to give substance to her argument,

“For example, a Russian marries an Armenian, they have a kid, a cute girl, but she has her dad's nose, She goes and files it down a little, and it's all good. Ethnicities are mixing now, so there's degeneration, and it didn't used to be like that,”

“Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this”, she added.

“I love the Nordic image myself. I have white skin; I am a Nordic type-perhaps a little Eastern Baltic, but closer to Nordic.”

Her Shoot for the Men’s Magazine got amazing photos on the beach, and yes creepily, they look like the Barbie Doll that your little girl owns, expect offcourse she’s actually Human.

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