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Home Habits | DIY Draw String Bags

Image: Prima

Featured on the Home Habits segment of EMTV’s Haus and Home program was a simple DIY – Draw String Bag.

Draw string bags are great for little things like shoes, books, keys, water bottles, and a variety of other things.

And here’s how to make it.

Things you’ll need:

2 T-Shirts

Tacking Pins



Fabric Chalk or Biros/Pencils

2 yards String/Cording

Sewing Machine/Needle & Thread

What to do:

Step 1

Using your fabric chalk measure and cut two rectangles (12 inches wide and 15 inches long) from your t-shirts that will form the front and back pieces of your bag.

Once that’s done, cut these pieces from your t-shirt.

Note: The size (length and width) of the rectangles is totally dependent on how big or small you would like your bag to be.

Step 2

Adding your fabric (the rectangles you just cut from one of the t-shirts) to your other t-shirt.

Following step one measure your t-shirt (12 inches wide and 6 inches long) and cut.

Using your tacking pins join 1 of the 12×15 inch piece with the 12×6 inch piece and sew together.

Do this for the other two pieces of fabric.

Step 3

Create a string tunnel.

On the 12×6 inch piece, cut a 2.5 inch slit on the longest side of the fabric. Do this on the opposite side of the fabric.

Fold the slits in and use a tacking pin to hold the slit to the fabric so it can be sewed into place. Do this for the other slit.

Fold the piece of fabric that’s sticking out to the inside of the fabric leaving a space inside, much like a tunnel for your cording to go through.

Repeat this step for the other piece of fabric.

Step 4

Connect the front and back pieces of fabric together, leaving an inch on both ends of the fabric pieces for the cording.

Step 5

Cut your cording in half and run the cord through the ends of the fabric that was left open in step 3.

Once your cording is in, ensure that you tie the ends of the string and sew the ends shut.

Using a lighter or a candle, heat the ends of the cord to soften the edges of the cord that may be sharp and harmful.

Finally turn your bag inside out and you’re done.

Here’s a look at segment host Tinzy putting this simple DIY draw string bag together on Home Habits.

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