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Health Workers Raise Concerns Over Medicine Delays

By Lucy Kopana – EMTV News, Lae


Health workers in the Kabwum district raised concerns over the consistent delays in the delivery of medical supplies.

Narito Oki, a nursing officer at the Kabwum Health Center said it is an expensive exercise using contractors to deliver the medicine, and the supplies are not delivered on time.

This has a major a contributing factor, to medicine shortages faced in the area.

Health centers in the district receive medical supplies several months after their orders placed.

For several months, health centers in Kabwum have faced a shortage of medicine and basic medical supplies.

Patients from remote areas have to be sent away, whilst health workers treat serious cases.

The health workers said, a lot of patients have died because of this.

Officer in charge of the Kabwum Health Center, Kevin Awini said there are always delays when orders for medical supplies are sent to the Area Medical Store (AMS) in Lae.

“Order em second monthly mipla placim order tasol marasin ino kam stret bihainim displa order blo mipla. I gat bikpla delay I woklo kamap.”

Nursing officer Oki said they get less supplies then what they order, from the AMS.

“Planti marasin I woklo lus namel lo displa husat I woklo transportim displa marasin blo mipla. By the tai mem reachim helt senta blo mipla, displa drugs mipla expectim, mipla ino lukim”.

OIC Awini said using a third party to deliver the supplies makes the process complicated.

“Yumi ken direct lo facility, placim order go long area medical stoa na direct kam long facility, ating displa bai marasin kam hariap long taim.”


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