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Marianville Secondary School Farewells Long Serving Principal Sr Angela Taylor

Image: Second from right: Outgoing Principal SR ANGELA TAYLOR and Second from Left: New Principal MRS KEANGA. PC: MR TERANCE TUOHIK

By Natalie Hayu

A place in the valley behind the hills, Marianville Secondary school, hosted a farewell ceremony on Saturday 17th February 2018, to celebrate the life and contribution of the outgoing principal Sr Angela Taylor, for her tireless efforts towards educating young girls and women in and across Papua New Guinea.

The ceremony started at 8:30am with a thanksgiving mass with the theme: ”Appreciating SR Angela Taylor”, and the main celebrant was Bishop Rochus Tatamai (MSC), the Bishop of Bereina Dioceses in Kairuku, Central Province. Present at the ceremony were invited guests and keynote speakers that gave their last remarks remembering the 25 years that Sr Angela Taylor has served as the principal of Marianville Secondary school.

According to the new Principal Mrs Keanga, “I am not sad as Sr Angela will leave behind a long-lasting legacy that will always be remembered in our hearts.”

Keynote speaker and Marianville Alumnae group president, Mrs Igo, stated that “Sr Angela will leave behind a long-lasting legacy that we will always remember in our hearts.

“During her time of service, we saw her greatest contribution in educating thousands of girls and women in Papua New Guinea. She has educated strong and confident women having the heart to serve and to give back as we show God’s love to all through small deeds in our families, the society and our beautiful country.”

Mrs Igo continued by saying: “No words are enough to say thank you”.

Marianville Secondary school from past years to present has produced doctors, nurses, teachers, pilots, lawyers, nuns and many more. There is great significance in the future of girls and women. There is strength in the workforce where women have contributed tirelessly to the development of our country Papua New Guinea. Moreover, under the education system curriculum, Marianville Secondary has newly introduced Legal studies under the leadership of Sr Angela Taylor.

Other secondary school principals attended the ceremony. The principal of Badihagwa Secondary School mentioned that “Sr Angela is a Mentor and is referred to as a clergy in terms of serving in the education system in Port Moresby and in the country.”

Another principal was Mr Ume, the Principal for De La Salle Secondary. He stated “he was educated by the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Sisters (OLSH) at Yule Island, the congregation that Sr Angela belongs to.

Moreover, the longest serving Board Chairperson and Sr Angela’s friend, Police Commissioner, Mr Gari Baki, outlined a whole lot of valid points such as that he was not sad that Sr Angela was leaving because she contributed enormously to the growth and development of girls and women empowerment in the country.

He further mentioned that teachers in leadership roles like Sr Angela are known as “Engineers of the human beings”.

The Commissioner emphasised that Marianville is widely known as one of the top schools in Papua New Guinea with a high standard of education. Hence, he challenged the students and teachers to take the footsteps of Sr Angela’s leadership and move forward in terms of our love for God and others. Mr Baki recalls back in the year 1995 when his two daughters first attended Marianville high school at that time. Mr Baki also mentioned that Sr Angela is a Pilot in terms of girls’ education back in 2001 when Marianville was officially converted into a secondary school.

Marianville through the inspiration of Sr Angela Taylor is the only secondary school that receives funds from Australian Aid twice with excellent learning facilities where current students are encouraged to make the most of it. In terms of spiritually, morally and ethically, all current students, teachers and former students (alumnae’s), were reminded to always live up to the Marianville spirit. Hence, according to the Board Chairman of the school, Mr Rombuk, “Sr Angela is leaving the shores of Papua New Guinea with a big legacy and big mark that we will remembered.” He said that Marianville has top priority in terms of Commitment and discipline.

The ceremony ended at around 3:30pm with reflections and presentations of gifts from alumnae’s (different eras), current students, friends, parents and invited guests. As the saying goes: the best is always reserved for later, Sr Angela Taylor’s final remarks was the main highlight of all the speeches of the day. With a confident voice, Sr Angela spoke in assurance: “We do need good leaders but, a leader needs a team. Teaching and trying to build a good school needs a good team. And I have been fortunate over the years to have a good team of teachers.”

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