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Police under watch in East New Britain

By Edwin Fidelis – EMTV News, Kokopo

Police reservists in Rabaul District have been put under the spotlight following a recent rampage and assault on innocent civilians in the district.

East New Britain Provincial Police Commander, Snr. Inspector Joseph Tabali, says a thorough investigation will be conducted and those found abusing their police powers will be punished.

The East New Britain head of Police, Snr Inspector Joseph Tabai says he is making it his personal responsibility to penalise those responsible for abusing their powers as police reservists.

Following numerous concerns posted online, the issue of police abusing their powers has been brought to light. At least 13 men including a senior member of the Rabaul police have been named following numerous rampages and assaults on innocent people in the district in recent months. The PPC says, those officers will be questioned.

Unlike Kokopo, Rabaul is peaceful and laid back but the recent string of police brutality, particularly by police reservists, has tainted the image of the town – and to a larger extent, the image of the police force stationed there.

It is understood, about 137 men were commissioned as special constables in June 2017 to assist during the 2017 national general elections, and more than 20 of them are from Rabaul District. But, the PPC says there is uncertainty of whether those special constables are causing disharmony in the district.

Mr. Tabali has appealed to the public to lodge formal complains to assist police identify the rogue cops within the East New Britain police force.

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