Group of Men, Women and Children Lost while Trekking Found with One Dead

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By Scott Waide – EMTV News, Lae

The body of a pastor has been recovered after he died on a journey along the Srawaged Ranges of the Morobe Province.

The pastor was with a group of about 30 people who were travelling between Pindiu station and Indagen to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Lutheran Church in Kabwum District.

Chief Pilot of Manolos Aviation, Jurgen Ruh, who retrieved the body said the men, women and children lost their way and were trekking towards Teptep on the border of the Madang province when they were found.

He was alerted by the Governor General, Sir Bob Dadae, who he dropped off at Indagen earlier. When he found some of them, it was difficult to land the helicopter or take a lot of people.

“They are at 10,000 feet. It’s cold and the weather is bad. They are not prepared for the altitude and the freezing weather,” Ruh said.

After retrieving the body, he returned with some food and dropped them off at the site where a lot more people had gathered.

“I’d say about 20 to 30 people.”

The Prime Minister is due to arrive in Kabwum tomorrow for another visit. Ruh said, they will try to take out three people at a time as long as the weather allows.

Scott Waide

is the Lae Bureau Chief and began his career with EMTV in 1997 as a News and Sports Reporter and Anchor and has been a media professional for over 19 years. Having previously worked as a Producer and Researcher for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Port Moresby Bureau, he is a recipient of multiple awards including the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union Prize in 2005 in Iran for best news feature, the Pacific Island News Association Award and the Divine Word University Media Freedom Award.

Scott Waide
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