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GESI Policy Promotes Gender Equity in the Public Service

The National Public Service’s Gender Equality Social Inclusion Policy, or GESI for short, will serve a mechanism to address public service issues in the country.

The GESI policy provides a set of rules or guidelines for employees to promote gender equality within all public service offices.

It also deals with issues outside the organisation, on how public servants can deal with service providers in a transparent and justifiable manner.

The Policy was initiated in 2013 by the Department of Personnel Management, in consultation with the Law and Justice Sector, to address public service issues.

This policy holistically deals with public service organisation’s internal issues like addressing gender based violence, and how to fairly render services to clients.

Law Reform Commission Secretary, Dr Lawrence Kalinoe said the whole idea is to look at different categories of people in the public service people with disabilities both male and female.

Also people living with HIV and Aids and those members of the public service who were being marginalised in communities.

After its proven success, Department of Personal Management through Secretary John Kali recommended GESI to be rolled out in all government departments.

This morning officials from the Law and Justice Sector officials DPM, Finance and Treasury, Ombudsman Commission, the West New Britain Government participated in a workshop in Port Moresby.

Through this workshop participants discussed how GESI can be effectively implemented in public service offices.

West New Britain Province was a pioneer province in the country to effectively roll-out this policy.

Joyce Seneba GESI Coordinator from the WNB Provinail Administration said this policy has been very successful in the province with the support of DPM, developing partners and provincial governments.


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