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Gerehu Secondary School Teachers Fight for Housing

An unusual situation has developed at Gerehu Secondary School where some teachers’ houses are occupied by people who do not teach at the school.

At a parents and guardians meeting today, they say their call for help to the Education Department has fallen on deaf ears and this is pushing them to take the matter to court.

With this unresolved issue and teacher housing still a major problem for the school, the school’s administration is now asking parents to pay a K250 fee to help build more teacher houses.

Gerehu Secondary School held their first parent and guardians meeting to seek approval to charge fees that will help build houses for teachers, due to teachers who do not teach at GSS still residing at the school.

Gerehu secondary school received K218,000 for their first batch, which the school board says is not enough to run the school and build teachers houses.

The 2016 bills for Electricity, Water and Sewage totalled to an amount of K30,000.

The only TFF component that schools receive is administration. However, Parents want to see financial reports from previous years before they agree on paying the K250 fee.


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