Frustration Over Blackouts in Popondetta

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Beackouts in Popondetta have become a daily occurrence, causing much frustration amongthe people.

Without notifyingthe peoplePNG Power can swithch off power for 8 straight hours in a day. The biggest losers arethe business houses operating inthe province. Karo Iruna is of one ofthe many businessmen feelingthe pinch ofthe black out.


Mr. Iruna, who owns a stationary shop, expressing frustration overthe frequent blackouts inthe township, says it has become too expensive to do business.


Numerous attempts bythe business houses, andthe community, to getthe provinciaPNG management to addressthe problem have fallen on deaf ears.


With rising fuelling costs, he spends close to K5, 000 daily to generate power from his generator.


He says, it is unfair forPNG Power consumers inthe province asthey are not receiving quality service for their money.


The blackouts have been blamed onthe poor state of generators used bPNG Power and alsothe supply of fuel tothe power station fromthe only fuel depot inthe province.


Attempts to getthPNG Power management inthe province to verifythese claims were unsuccessful.

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