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Four East New Britain MPs Join PNC

Four East New Britain MPs have joined the PNC led camp in Alotau as of yesterday.

Governor elect for East New Britain, Nakikus Konga and Kokopo member elect, Emil Tammur, both from the People’s Progress Party, have joined their PPP strongman, Sir Julius Chan who has arrived in the camp earlier this week.

Both MPs have ousted former PNC members, Sir Leo Dion and Ereman ToBaining Junior from their respective seats in this year’s election.

Pomio member re-elect and People’s National Congress man, Elias Kapavore has shown his loyalty to his party and has also joined the PNC-led camp. He arrived in Alotau today.

Gazelle member elect, Jelta Wong from the United Resource Party also arrived today in Alotau to follow his party leader, William Duma who is also in the camp. Wong ousted former Gazelle MP and National Alliance party member, Malakai Tabar in this year’s election.

But their moves has attracted strong opposition from the East New Britain people who are watching closely as the political events unfolds on mainstream and social media platforms.

On Facebook, one commenter said “ They have strongly campaigned against the PNC Party. Sadly, our MPs are doing the same thing again”.

Another commentator said “This is so confusing and more frustrating. It’s a big let down I feel for ENBP”.

Meanwhile, Rabaul member re-elect and former opposition’s strongman, Dr. Allan Marat is expected to join the alliance camp in Goroka led by the PANGU Party.

While speaking on the local radio NBC East New Britain on Monday this week, the five members elect made strong assurances to bond together as a team.

Despite their different political party affiliations, the 5 members said that would not change their will to deliver to the people of East New Britain.

“ Even though we have different party affiliations with our respective party, but the group from East New Britain, we are standing together as one. The new government will be formed in a few days from today and that is fine. But in our hearts, we are one and that is what the people must know. Whatever we promised to deliver during our campaign trails, I believe we will deliver,” Mr. Konga said.

The outgoing PNC led government has come under public criticisms in the last 4 years relating to alleged corruption and mismanagement of the country.

The public has since remained skeptical about their moves taken to form the next government.

All eyes are now on the two political party giants, the PNC-led camp in Alotau and the Pangu-powered Alliance camp in Goroka as the days closes in to the formation of a new government.

Each side needs at least 56 members or more in order to be allowed by the Governor General to form the next government next week.

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