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Former CJ explains SOE

Former Chief Justice, Sir Arnold Amet, says the SoE in the country means that no other authority has any ability or powers to make any orders, apart from the Controller.

Amet explains only the controller has the power to make any orders for the management of the state of emergency.

Sir Arnold Amet was in a stakeholders’ meeting with the COVID19 Technical team for Madang, when he explained the SoE in PNG.

The former chief justice says no provincial governments or even governor has the power to make any other order.

No other authority has any legal ability to make any other kind of laws nor issue any laws, only the controller has the power.

Adding if any other orders were issued that goes against the orders of the controller it must be brought in line with the emergency orders and directions as directed by the controller.

Sir Arnold explains provincial authorities that want to impose additional measures like curfews must get the authorization from the controller before executing any additional measures.

Amet says provincial governments and provincial coordination centre is not allowed to make any media statements regarding the National Emergency unless authorized by the emergency controller.


By Martha Loius, EMTV News, Madang

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