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Fisheries Sector Needs Proper Policy Framework To Protect SME’s

The contribution ofthe Fisheries sector tothe economic development of Papua New Guineahas been remarkable, yetthe industry remains relatively underdeveloped.


This is according to Fisheries expert Ronald Kuk. He says strenthening small to medium enterprises isthe way to go, but a proper policy frame work to protectthe SME’s has to be formulated first.

Papua New Guineais blessed with an abundance of marine resources. It has an economic zone of 2.4 square kilometers. One tenth ofthe world’s tuna stocks are harvested in PNG waters.



Bet fisheries expert Ronald Kuk saysthe fisheries sector remains underdeveloped. Too much emphasis is being placed onthe extractive industry.


He says whilethe role ofthe National Fisheries Authority is to ensure sustainability, problems arise inthe lack of licensing and monitoring systems.


“Ifthe Japanese Economy can grow out of WWII disaster and become an advance state from fishing,then who are we to question fishing?…Korean Economy and Russian Economy grow out of fishing, and it is a challenge for us,” says Mr Kuk.

He says  it’s greatthe government ofthe day is encouraging SME’s; however, inthe fisheries sector SME’s will not succeed unless a proper policy frame work is drawn up to protect artisanal fisher man and women.


Mr Kuk was speaking duringthe launch ofthe Fisheries Policy and Management in Papua New Guineareport on Tuesday last week.


One ofthe recommendations suggested is for a fisheries management course to be introduced intothe University curriculum. The University of Natural resources inthe East New Beitain province has already taken upthe challenge.

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