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June 14, 2021
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Ipatas: Higher Education Institutions Needed in Enga

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Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas is calling on the National Government to include higher institutions in Enga Province in the national budget.

Sir Peter is frustrated the national government has failed to include Enga Teachers College and Enga College of Nursing in their yearly budget.

Sir Peter says since Enga Teachers College and Enga College of Nursing are not reflected in the National Governments yearly budget, his provincial government is spending money on students that are from other provinces, studying in the two institutions.

He said EPG has started from scratch by building the two institutions and introducing diploma in primary teaching and nursing.

Now that the University of Goroka has partnered with EPG to offer Bachelors of Science Education in Wabag, Sir Peter is calling on the government to put resources, where the mouth is.

“Such initiatives are not new to us, but the national government must see that this is a national institution and make sure it is reflected properly in the budget” says Sir Peter Ipatas.

EPG under Governor Ipatas leadership has been spending resources to make Enga an education and health hub of the country, which Ipatas say they are helping the National government achieve their agendas of development.

So far Enga Provincial Government has invested well over K350 Million in education, for the last 22 years, since Ipatas was first elected as Enga Governor in 1997.

He said education is not like infrastructure that can be seen to believe, but this is his vision to alleviate poverty, and make sure Enga is sustainable after Porgera Gold Mine.

“We have achieved so much in a difficult province like Enga. We will continue to invest in Education”

Sir Peter Ipatas is also calling on the national government not to introduce such partnership in other provinces, stating it is their concept and vision to be a model province in terms of education in the country.

“It is a lot of work in terms of securing land, developing infrastructure and such, it is a long process so the national government needs to prioritize resources instead of spreading it.” says Sir Peter.

Starting next year UOG will offer its science program at its Wabag campus.

In 2021, all diplomas in primary education at Enga Teachers College will be upgraded to degree courses, as well as nursing courses at Enga College of Nursing.

By Vasinatta Yama, EM TV News, Mt Hagen

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