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Fish and Families: Slow start at Koki Fish Market

The Koki Fish market, which has been opened for 2 years, is setting a platform for fishermen to step up their manoeuvre and contribute to Papua New Guinea’s economy.

Many families from all over the Central province, who come into the city to sell fish at Koki Market, travel from far away centres.

This is because the business helps fishermen and their families in the local economy, to progress.

Waking up before dawn is a norm for all fishermen.

Whether it is catches of over 200 tuna or going to the reef to get clam shells, business is business.

Gia Puri who is a regular seller at the fish market travels 30 minutes every day from Fisherman Island to make sure all the sea goods are sold.

Her husband does most of the fishing and diving, while she sells them at the market.

“We love what we do. It is our livelihood and it is our culture,” Puri told EMTV News.

Although she truly appreciates the opportunities to do business, on the other hand concerns were also raised for the management to keep the market clean and provide ice to keep the fish cool. This was promised by management when market was opened.

Today she brought over 100 tuna to be sold at K8 and K10 each.

Today business is slow because of the new year, but usually the market is full with buyers.

Ileene Gwas is also a seller from Keapara who has to travel 3 hours every day. She is one who dives and collects sea clams to sell.

“Mid-week and Fridays are good business days, weekends are also busy days,” Gwas told EMTV News.

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