FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup: France and USA into Semi finals

France has kicked Germany out of the race to the finals after defeating them 1-nil at the Sir John Guise Stadium.

In what was a thrilling game of football, France had the upper hand all throughout the match dominating with ball possession.

The French came in numbers to support their team. Germany was the hot favourite heading into the match, as team France came in as the underdogs.

France attacked from the get go, through strikers Clara Mateo, Louise Fleury and captain, Delphine Cascarino. As the French continued to attack, they scored the one and only goal of the match through Delphine Cascarino who belted the ball at the edge of the 18-yard box finding the back of the net.

Germany tried spotting gaps in the France defence, but the French backline, was on point all throughout the whole 90 minutes, stopping all of Germany’s attack.

The underdogs leading 1- nil at half time would come back in the final half to defend. Germany coming into the second half, were eager to score, but were still stopped by the French defence.

The only option left for the Germans was to start shooting for goal outside the 18-yard box but France kept dominating at attempting more goals.

A few substitutions for the Germans still had no impact on the game, as France managed to hold on till the final whistle. This win qualifies for the semi-finals where they will play Japan.

In the day’s earlier match, Mexico was left heartbroken after USA made a late comeback to win, 2 goals to 1.

Mexico, leading 1-nil all throughout the match succumbed to USA’s two late goals; the first in the 81st minute from forward, Ally Watt and the second goal in additional time thorough Kelcie Hedge.

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