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Farming PNG Sets Insight into PNG’s Vast Potential in the Agriculture Sector

by Kiwiana Ngabung – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Last night saw the screening of the six-part series of the Papua New Guinea documentary, Farming PNG, at the Paradise Cinemas, Vision City. It is a production under television broadcaster, EMTV, and its advertising arm, EMTEK Multimedia.

Media Niugini Limited-EMTV CEO and Farming PNG Executive Director, Matthew Park.

The 75-minute long documentary highlights the potential of the agricultural industry in PNG, aiming to inspire the young and old as a possible solution for a sustainable future.

Farming PNG also highlights the beauty of the country, and features some of our stunning provinces. It also features the farmers who work hard to give the best products for the local markets and international exports.

Other engaging topics covered in the documentary apart from agriculture is the rate of population growth, lack of financial literacy in rural areas, the deleterious cocoa pod borer, renewable energy generation, and imported food stuff.

The film’s Executive Director and EMTV’s CEO, Matthew Park, said because of the lack of exposure in the agriculture sector it was a need to do this kind of documentary in promoting and raising awareness.

“I think that there are a lot of viewers out there in PNG, and also communities and businesses that are not aware of the impact of farming and agriculture, especially to Papua New Guinea as a whole, so I think that we do have a responsibility to raise that awareness publicly. So that’s why when this type of project came to me, I was excited about promoting it because I personally am passionate about it. I feel that this is an area that is definitely underdeveloped in Papua New Guinea.”

Presenter and host of Farming PNG, Steve Woodhouse.

Presenter and host of Farming PNG, Steve Woodhouse, said the documentary is excellent as it showcases agriculture the way it should be showcased.

Woodhouse, originally from England and an agronomist with decades of experience in the industry, particularly in Papua New Guinea, said a lot more attention and funding should be given to the sector, one of the reasons being the massive economic gain the country will benefit from.

“The agriculture industry in its entirety should be given probably a lot more than the mining sector gets. Simple reason: the mining sector is pretty much self-financing and the benefits of the country are short-term not long term,” Mr. Woodhouse said.

Marco Venditti, Farming PNG Director and Writer, said with the film they hope to inspire and give people a sense of what the sector holds and can provide for them.

Producer and Writer of Farming PNG, Marco Venditti.

“With this series we want to be inspirational, and we want to give a sense that there is also a good way to make a living in rural areas. There are so many jobs, there are so many things that can be done, as we’ve seen today (in the film),” Mr. Venditti said.

“This country is beautiful and agriculture is an interesting lifestyle, not a fallback. It shouldn’t just be a fallback position, it should be a choice.”

The production of Farming PNG was supported by Farmset Limited. Mr Park also thanked the small team behind the production of the documentary.

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