Expat Arrested for Buying Stolen Laptop

The Retail Manager of the Chin H Meen branch at Vision City was locked up at the Gordan’s Police station last Friday for allegedly buying a stolen laptop.

According to complainant Alice Yoko, from Ialibu in Southern Highlands Province, the laptop, an Apple Mac Pro, was stolen by her adopted son. Through a middle man at Gordans Market, the laptop was then sold to the Retail Manager, of asian descent, for K800.


After being threatened and questioned, Alice’s adopted son admitted to stealing the laptop. After rounding up his accomplices, Alice and her family went to Gordan’s market to identify the middle-man.


The middle-man then led them to Vision City where they apprehended the Retail Manager and brought him and his street agent to the police station where they were locked up.


While in the lock up, the manager called two of his colleagues and they brought the stolen laptop to the station.


While reclaiming her laptop, Alice vented her frustrations about people from other countries who were encouraging stealing.


In a media statement released by Chin H Meen regarding the issue, they said the act is in complete violation of their business codes and ethics and they hold no responsibility for the unfortunate actions of one person who they say, acted on his own will and during his own time.


The manager has since been released from the station with a caution.


Due to this act his contract with Chin H Meen Ltd has been terminated, and he will be repatriated back to his point of recruitment.

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