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Escapee Surrenders to Police, Encourages Peers to Surrender

By Martha Louis – EMTV News, Madang


A well-known criminal in Madang had surrendered to police after being on the run for 3 years, for a number of criminal activities including armed robbery.

Twenty-seven-year-old, Ban Janget, told EMTV, he is fed up of living in fear of police and being on the run all the time and wants to break away from engaging in criminal activities.

Janget is encouraging his peers to follow his example saying it is much better than being hunted by police. He was wanted by police before he voluntarily surrendered to police yesterday (10 December, 2018).

Ban Janget resides in Sisiak 3 settlement in Madang.

He approached a police officer last Friday (07 December, 2018) afternoon informing the officer his decision and asked to be brought in to face justice.

Janget says despite escaping from lawful custody and lives outside of the prison he still frees like a prisoner thus he had decided to hand himself over to police.

Janget is also encouraging his peers who are also engaged in such criminal activities and are on the run to follow his lead and turn themselves in, to the police.

He urges his peers to move away from illegal activities and allow law to prevail in Madang.

Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector, Ben Neneo, expressed gratitude towards Janget to take such action.

Neneo is appealing to other criminal elements to follow Janget’s example, saying it is easier for criminals to surrender to police than to live in fear of being hunted by the police all the time.

Meanwhile, in another incident, five suspects were caught by police involved in an armed robbery of a businessman who is of Asian origin, two days ago.

Police also confiscated a number of weapons from these suspects that were used in the robbery.

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