EMTV Clarifies Leaked Memo on Jamie Pang News Stories

EMTV would like to clarify that the internal memo leaked by a staff member was taken out of context.
EMTV Journalists have the freedom of press to follow the criminal case of Jamie Pang vs The State.

At no time were EMTV’s Journalists restricted nor stopped from reporting unfolding stories on the detained resident. This has always been EMTV’s stand. Over the years, EMTV has and maintains the standard of journalism.

Generally, EMTV news and current affairs segment is comparable due to the principles and values EMTV upholds. Whilst EMTV’s journalists enjoy the right of freedom of press, such right is qualified, hence EMTV journalists are required to report fairly and with utmost care to the public.

The memo which was issued in haste at 4.10pm on Friday afternoon two hours prior to the news bulletin, was a result of alleged insubordination by staff towards verbal lawful instructions to drop stories sympathizing with Pang.

EMTV is a responsible organization and will not be seen to sympathise with persons with questionable characters. EMTV Journalists have been cautioned to be sensitive when conducting interviews and to follow reporting guidelines.

The memo did not in any way restrict the journalists’ freedom of press, rather the memo was circulated to staff with the view to properly scrutinize the content of the news stories before they were aired that day. This is the standard practice in any media organization.
EMTV supports the independent operation and function of the news department whilst protecting EMTV’s viewers.

Lesieli Vete
Interim CEO
Media Niguini Limited

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