Embrace Deep Sea Mining: No need to fear

Vice Minister for Mining Wera Mori wants Papua New Guineas to embrace deep sea mining.


He saidthere is no need to fear environmental damage.

The Solwara one project to take place in New Ireland waters has been stalled following protests from New Ireland communities and civil rights groups.


“I asthe voice ofthe communities in New Ireland province request that this project be put to a stop as we do not really know what we are getting ourselves into.”

A petition containing 24000 signatures was handed over to Mining minister Beron Chan late last year but to datethe government has not responded.



“We want genuine investors, but investors must come and respect us, respect our laws, respect our interests, andthey must discuss with us,” said Juffa duringthe petition submission.

Whilethe mining minister refuses to talk aboutthe issue, his vice minister and member for Chuave Wera Mori isn’t shying away.


He wants people to seethe deep sea project from a positive perspective.
“LePNG takethe lead and showthe world that we are capable of doing it and I’m pretty sure we can do so,” said Mr Mori.

Having a geologist’s background Mr Mori statesthe ocean floor already has high concentrate of sulphur so we shouldn’t be worrlied about killing any living organisms atthe bottom ofthe ocean.


Those opposing it argue deep sea mining is a new concept;there are uncertainties aboutthe extent of damage that will be caused to surrounding areas.

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