PIMS Generous to Lou Island Primary Schools

Port MoresbyInstitute of Matriculation Studies (PIMS) Director and founder, Norman Sike, who comes from Lou Island, Manus Province has given gen-sets to three schools inthe area and wiredthe classrooms with Lights and fans. He also gave Printers and laptops early inthe year.

Mr. Sike madethe decision to utilise over K100, 000 of PIMS’ company profits this year to helpthe schools. He was invited tothe graduation day atthe end ofthe schooling year.

“Ask what you can do for your country, not whatthe country can do for you” he said.

The new lights, gen-sets and 100 new tables has elevated Rella Primary School from second lastoseveral years ago, to third out of around 50 primary schools in Manus Province.

Beso Primary school students’in Solang Village have also maintained a high standard finishing eighteenth in Manus Province.

Mr. Sike saysthe choice to helpthese schools was a personal one. While he still hadthe capacity to do so, he madethe choice.

Port MoresbyInstitute of Matriculation Studies is registered as a distance-learning institute with branches in Bougainville and Enga and ther parts ofthe country. While PIMS focus is to fix education in Papua New Guinea Mr. Sike also wants to help children on his home sland and he is concerned aboutthe role education plays in Manus.

“If we don’t have intellectuals from Manusthen we won’t have people in decision making positions to help us,” he said.

The PIMS Director wants to revamp education in Manus to develop quality human resource onthe small Island Province to supplythe Nation.

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