Death Penalty – Criminal Code Act under Amendments

Attorney General Kerenga Kua hopes to introduce amendments tothe Criminal Code Act for ther methods of enforcingthe death penalty.

Currently,the law only recommends Hanging.

The death penalty has been inthe country’s law books for a long time. The courts have passed death sentences butthese have yet to be implemented.

Attorney General Kerenga Kua called on people to debate on this subject.

He saidthe aim of implementingthe death penalty is to use this law as a deterrent to futher criminal offences.

He saysthe Constitutional law and Reform Commission have been instructed to amendthe Criminal Code Act that deals death penalty.

He said legislative draftsmen will proceed withthe changes once CLRC has madethe amendments.

Amendments to Section 614 ofthe Criminal Code Act that deals with death penalty will be introduced in parliament next week.

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