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Daughters make mom proud

Two sisters who received outstanding academic awards in their respective grades at Kopkop College have made their mother proud.

Veronica Nil Tainde’s eldest daughter Dawn Temo in year 10 took out the first placing in all her eight school subjects, while her second daughter Daniella took out first in four of her subjects and second and third placing in two other subjects.

Tainde, who works as a General Practitioner at the NCD Provincial health Authority, chose to send her daughters to Kopkop College saying she believes in the family-oriented permitted private school.

“I came to Kopkop College because I’ve watched how the school has grown and I chose to send my daughters here because I love the environment, the Melanesian culture of respect, the fear of God and I also wanted a safe environment for my girls to grow up in. Kopkop College has been our home for 10 years now,” said Tainde.

She tries to juggle work and motherhood as it is challenging for a medical person, however she is grateful to be surrounded by a great family who helped to raise her girls.

“I had my first daughter, Dawn, when I was at the medical school doing my final year at the age of 21 and so Dawn grew up in the medical school but I had good support from both my parents and her father”, explained Tainde.

As a working parent, Tainde encouraged working parents to make time for their children.

 “You have to make time for your kids. When you allow your relatives or grandparents to raise your kids and do it for you it will not work out, you as a parent must do your part. Be a parent until your time of rest and be a role model as well. I became a parent at a very young age but now I’m so proud to see where my two daughters are heading.”

“For parenting don’t talk to your kids as if they are still babies, talk to them like they are the next leaders and responsible citizens and that whatever calling God has for them they must do it with their heart, mind and soul.

“My daughter’s academic success is an incredible story and I know that God has to be inside that story. As a parent we can do our part to raise healthy kids but God is the one who quickens the mind and helps them to develop”, said Tainde.

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