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By Amanda Ilaitia

A small to medium sized enterprise has partnered with City Pharmacy Limited to expand their customer reach. CPL Group has been supporting local businesses nationwide since its establishment. The local SME Pearl Body Scrub will no longer be a home-based business as their products can now be bought from CPL outlets in Port Moresby and soon nationwide.

Managing Director and Founder, Sarah Artango said that being someone who has sensitive skin, it was a struggle finding the right type of products to use so at the age of 14 years, she started creating her own skin care products.

She added, “I was blessed that time to have had a few very close friends who were from different cultures so we were able to share homemade cosmetic recipes. Before I knew it, I was making my own natural cosmetic products like body scrubs, moisturizers, creams, balms, etc.”

Apart from cleansing the skin, Sarah wanted to focus on the scrubs, a multi-purpose product that could fade pimples, stretchmarks, lighten and smoothen skin, with the infusion of plants, seeds and fruit extracts the pearl body scrubs were created.

In 2008, Sarah decided to share her scrubs with her sisters who then spread the word to their network of friends.

She said, “before I knew it, I was making body scrubs for all of them .”

And that was how this SME’s journey began to what it is now.  

The scrubs were shelved in the City Pharmacy shelves since last week and are available at CPL Vision City, Harbor city, Waigani Central and Waigani Showroom.

Both CPL and Sarah are hopeful that by next month Pearl Body Scrubs will be available in other CPL outlets nationwide.

Sarah added that so far lemon, Coffee and Turmeric scrubs are the only products that are available at the moment in CPL shops.

Like any other small business, they have had their fair share of challenges, but commitment, hard work, perseverance and faith has brought them thus far.

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