Convicted Prisoner Theo Yasause Realeased Illegally

Correctional Service Commissioner Martin Belthasar confirmed that convicted felon Theo Yasause was released from prison on Wednesday to attend to personal matters.

However, he did not approverthe release, causing a breach of standing orders given in January this year when Yasause deflied his leave of absence privileges last December.

Commissioner Belthasar met with his officers on Thursday atthe Bemana Correctional Services main compound, to discussthe issue surrounding Yasause’s release intothe community on Wednesday.

He later told EMTV in an interview thatthe meeting was to remind officers ofthe correct procedures involved in granting a leave of absence for prisoners.

The commissioner said he was surprised when alerted of Yasause’s release, consideringthe current standing orders againstthe prisoner.

“At 12:45pm on Wednesdaythe Commissioner of Police called me to alert me overthe fact that prisoner Yasause was out three correctional officers as escorts,” said Commissioner Belthasar.

There are eight standing orders against Yasause, preventing him from a leave of absence, unless authorized bythe Commissioner himself. The orders were given on January 25th this year after Yasause breached his leave of absence privileges in December 2012.

Amongthe orders, Prisoner Yasause is not permitted at any time to leavethe confines of Bemana Jail whilst serving as a prisoner.

Commissioner Belthasar said Yasause’s release was to purchase new spectacles; however, this particular release was not authorised by him. He said withthe recent changes withthe Jail Commanderthere may be an oversight bythe Administration.

The three CS officers and two senior ranking officers are being investigated bythe Police to establish whther Yasause’s release had any criminal intent.

If provern therwise,their case will be dealt with bythe Correctional Services management.

On Wednesday, Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc expressedthe government’s anger overthe release.

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