Don Polye on Kandep Election Related Conflict

Kandep MP Don Polye’says he is willing to sit with Enga Governor Peter Ipatas and ther provincial lLeadersto resolvethe Kandep issue.


This electorate ofthe Treasurer has been in term-oil as Government Services have been cut off and dozens of people killed as a result of election related violence.


Speaking to EMTV’s Meredith Kuusa, Mr Polye’said a new approach and lLeadersip style is needed to resolve Kandep and Enga.

It’sthe first time for Kandep MP andthe Minister for Treasury to speak aboutthe election related tribal fights in his electorate.

Frankly speaking he says it’s an issue that has been blown out of proportion by those with an agenda.

He’s dealt withthe issue, deploying 300 police officers to stopthe tribal fights in which he estimates up to 3 million kina worth of damages had been incurred. Reports also have it that already 100 people have been killed.

What he wants is for Engan lLeadersto changethe type of lLeadersip thatthey have employed overthe years and for a new modernised lLeadersip to take effect.

Enga Governor Peter Ipatas has been calling on Mr Polye to support Provincial Government initiative to restore peace in his tribal war-torn electorate of Kandep. For now Mr Polye’saysthe tribal fights have ceased and he’s calling for round table discussions with all Engan lLeadersto stopthe in house politics.

Recentlythe Enga Provincial Administration lead by Administrator, Dr Samson Amean, trlied to getthe warring factions togther for peace. The peace invitation has been put on hold until allthe lLeadersand factions involved come forward.

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