Contractors Announced

Global Construction and Curtain Bros are the Civil Works companies that were engaged by the Central Provincial Administration to upgrade and seal the Boera, Papa and Lealea feeder roads respectively.

This was announced by Kairiku Hiri Member, Peter Isoaimo, when he visited the United Church at Magabaira village in the Central Province.


He said, since winning the elections two months ago, his major focus was to improve the deteriorating roads in his district. He said, most of those roads received no maintenance and were not upgraded for over twenty years.


Kairuku Hiri is a vast district starting from Gaire along the Magi Highway, to the Sogeri Mountains, and including coastal villages like Porebada, and Lealea.


With a population of over one hundred and twenty one thousand people, its diversity is a barrier to major developments like roads and health services. 


According to MP Isoaimo, Global Construction was awarded with K5 million for the sealing of the road from gate three of the LNG Plant Site, right down to Lealea water front. 


The other feeder roads leading into Boera and Porebada are under the LNG developer, ExxonMobil, who channels funding through the Infrastructure Development Grants (IDG).


According to the Central Provincial Administration, funds have already been deposited into the IDG Trustee account to fund needed infrastructure, especially roads.  


He said the long awaited need for people in Boera, Papa and Lealea will soon be over.


However, the current state of the road leading into Papa and Lealea continues to be in a deteriorating condition. It is still not clear when the actual road survey or construction will begin.

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