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Community Threatened after Complaining of Use of Public Oval by Private School

The communities living around Allotment 100 of Section 227 at Tokarara, where Kumul Training Institute’s classrooms are being built, are living in fear after being threatened on numerous occasions by men armed with machetes.

Recently, the community said, men working inside the fenced area by Kumul Training Institute had come out with knives and tried to chase the people from gathering at the street.

One community member who, chose to keep his identity hidden because of his safety said, the community’s effort to remove the school from being built at the community playing field has not gone down well with the owner of Kumul Training Institute.

After EMTV aired the Education Minister’s statement that Kumul Training Institute was not registered and that the construction of its classrooms at Allotment 100, Lot 127 was not welcomed by the surrounding community last week, the community there said they were threatened by armed men who came out with bush knives.

According to the community, the men were relatives and employees of the owner of Kumul Training Institute, Mr. Kuri.

Apart from intimidating and threatening the community, several plants in front of the house belonging to the community Leader, Edward Sasale, were chopped off.

His wife also sustained a bruise on her chest after she caught a stone that was thrown into their yard.

The incident happened on two separate occasions, on Thursday and Friday last week and was reported at the Waigani Police station.

The community said, they are being watched and are afraid of gathering outside as usual.

They said the recent media reports have angered the school owner and as such have alerted his men to monitor the community.

While the community continues its efforts to regain its leisure field, they have reported the matter to Metropolitan Superintendent who has given assurance that he will assist the community.

Community Leader, Mr. Sasale said although Tokarara is known for its notoriety, many of the youths have changed their mindset through concentrating in activities such as sports, especially rugby.

He said the youth refused to use force to retaliate when being threatened at their home but are calling on the police to investigate the type and the number of weapon that are being kept inside the fenced area.

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