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PNGs Coffee Industry Corporation In Control Of The Coffee Berry Borer

The Coffee Industry Cooperation says they are in control of the coffee berry borer, or CBB, an insect pest destroying coffee production in Papua New Guinea.

Principal Entomologist, Dr. Nelson Simbiken, says CBB is only found in Eastern Highlands and Jiwaka provinces in isolated areas.

Simbiken adds much of the coffee growing provinces are free from the pest.

During a one-day consultation meeting yesterday, CIC told stakeholders, coffee growers and exporters in Morobe, that the Coffee Berry Bora is only found in two isolated spots.

Coffee growers were advised to watch out for the insect pest and report it to CIC if they suspect its presence.

CIC has already established a containment exercise.

The Coffee Berry Borer moves in unprocessed beans, cherries, parchment coffee and in green bean coffee.

The CIC says the moisture level at which the beans must be packed, should be less than 12%.

Unprocessed beans will not be allowed to move out of the infected areas.

The risk level of CBB, however, remains high for all coffee growing provinces.

To stop CBB from spreading to other CBB free provinces, CIC has set up roadblocks to deal or control the movement of unprocessed coffee.

Green bean is free to pass through road blocks, as long as it is dried properly and has 12 percent or less moisture.

Currently there are roadblocks in Koronigl bridge – Kerowagi, Simbu, Kondopina junction – North Waghi Jiwaka and Korofeigu, Lufa / Okapa junction – EHP.

The attack on coffee will reduce more than 40% of export volume. This equates to K200-K300 million kina losses in a year.

It will also increase the cost of production by 40%, where large plantations will remain viable, but uneconomical.

But the thing that will suffer the most, is the standard of PNG Coffee, already recognised, all over the world.

Image Source: cabiplantwise.files.wordpress.com

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