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The PNG Christian Leaders Alliance on HIV/AIDS has called on the government to allocate the work of HIV/AIDS to the churches in the country as they have the best structure compared to the government, to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

This was revealed by the Deputy Chairman, Pastor Daniel Hewali during their board meeting to host the upcoming second HIV/AIDS summit in 2024.

Pastor Hewali said people are not complying with the word of God, hence their actions contributed to the increasing HIV/AIDS statistics in the country.

“Diseases that we have affect the life of our people and we are going to deal with it through the word of God to reduce it,” Hewali said.

“It’s a behavioral attitude and if we can comply with the word of God and abide by it, I believe HIV/AIDS will be under control.”

Mr Hewali said churches have the best structures that filter right down to the village level then the government.

He said if the government can give them the work of HIV/AIDS, they will be happy to take it on board as the Department of Health has so many things to do.

Adding to that, Josephine Mamis representing Life Health services said each health centers discover about four to five cases per month but with the help of churches she believes that they can prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country.

“I see a good future for the country, as church run facilities reached the remotest parts of the country and if the churches are funded to carry out the HIV/AIDS programs, it will work,” Mamis said.

The Christian Leaders Alliance have four important focus areas, governance, advocacy, partner, networking and research which they will capitalize on to control the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country.

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