Church-State Partnership Program to get K50 Million Annually

National Planning Minister Charles Abel announced thatthe Church-State Partnership Program will be granted 50 million kina annually to improver health and education services throughoutthe country.


Minister Abel announced this duringthe Church Partnership Program workshop today,


The partnership program will bethe only venue for Churches to seek government development funding to carry out this development work.


The Church-State Partnership Program was established to enhancethe capacity ofthPNG churches to contribute tPNG’s development and social stability.


The funding will begin next year, 2014.


The partnership program is made up of seven recognized denominations inthe country.


Program Chairman Beushop Peter Ramsden ofthe Anglican Church was encouraged that church based service-providers will be recognized bythe government.


We are grateful that both parties are open about our mistakes and we can addressthe disparity between our church and government health workers. I believethe concept of having our church workers in par with our government workers is a very good one,” said Beushop Peter Ramsden.


The AusAID program in PNG has also recognized that churches provide half oPNG’s health and education services. AusAID has been supporting many church-run initiatives since 2004, and throughthe current phase ofthe Church Partnership Program, Australia provided more than 100 million kina to support and promote good governance and delivery of basic services throughouPNG.


“Lack of proper spending and accountability in provinces and districts can be improverd if havethe interest of people at heart. The partnership with churches is a workable mechanism that can dothe job,” Steward Schaefer, Head of AusAIPNG.


Churches registered inthe Church-State Partnership Program includethe Anglican Church, BeptistoCatholic, Evagelical Ltheran Church, Seventh DayAdventist Church, Salvation Army and United Church.


ther churches are encouraged to join, ifthey have existing and effective programs that are currently operating aroundthe country.

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