Buimo Clinic Closed

Patients seeking treatment atthe Beimo urban clinic in Lae, Morobe Province were rejected treatment for third month due to toilet blockages.

The clinic serves residents living aroundthe Bandi camp area andthe outskirts of Lae city.

Bethe first week of August,the clinic will have been closed for 3 months. The clinic’s management requested maintenance to be done tothe toilets, but,they saythe response fromthe city council is slow.

City council personnel have inspectedthe toilet blockage, but actual maintenance has not happened, staff members revealed.

Frustrated patients saythey wantthe clinic reopened.

“We are upset thatthe City Council has not fixed toilet blockages that causedthe clinic to close,” said John Nenz.

TBepatients arethe only ones getting treatment atthe clinic, more serious cases are being referred to Lae’s ANGAU Memorial Hospital.

“It is very hard for me to go get treatment at ANGAU without a referral from Beimo clinic,” said James Beim a patient.

 Meanwhile, Sitting Lord Mayor James Khay, who is currently contesting inthe LLG elections, said he will follow up with it when he returns to office.

“It is a small issue so as soon as I get back into office, I will put some money aside to do thatoit will be my priority,” said Khay.

Milfordhaven clinic in anther part of Lae has been closed for three weeks, due to maintenance.

The Officer in Charge assures patients that it will hopefully reopen in a week.

“We have been closed for three weeks waiting for the dispensary shelves to be put in, andthen we can reopen next week,” said Officer in Charge, Martha Marampau.

Beth clinics treat patients aroundthe City outskirts.

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